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THERE IS JOY… telling our story

Sometimes our lives are great. There is much to celebrate and in which to rejoice. Sometimes life is just life – mundane. We get up, go to work, come home and repeat the next day. Sometimes life brings tragedy and heartache. Joy can be difficult to find in these times. What if we took a closer look at our lives and considered moments where joy is evident – micro moments of joy. Is it possible that our lives are filled with these moments – moments we have been too hurried to acknowledge?  Beginning August 4th, we will hear from people in our community as they share their moments of Joy. We hope you will join us for this worship series.

There is Joy… telling our story

August 4: Joy in Community

August 11: Joy in the Ordinary

August 18: Joy in Doing Justice

August 25: Joy in the Unexpected

September 1: Joy in Struggle

September 8: Joy in Yourself

Peace UCC is committed to saving the earth. We have made a commitment to stop using bulletins on Sunday mornings. In eliminating this practice we will save at least 30,000 sheets of paper each year.