Welcome to Peace United Church of Christ | An Open and Affirming Church in the St. Louis Area!

 Worship Series                                                                                                     Grateful for the Journey!                                                                                                 It’s a joy to be at Peace! How do you share in that joy? Are you grateful for:                       1. the journey a willingness to listen to what God wants us to do in the world(Oct. 28)     2. the zeal/spirit to do God’s work in the world (Nov. 4)                                                     3. the avenues through which to do God’s work in the world: CDF Freedom School             and so very many more! (Nov. 11)                                                                                   4. the community that comes together with love and compassion to do God’s work           in the world (Nov. 18)

Adult Learning Time                                                                                                Celebrate the joy and our gratitude:                                                                             Nov. 4, 9:45am: Discuss stewardship campaign (don’t miss the new song!)                 Nov. 11, 9:45am: Share our joys! For what are you grateful? Informal.                         Nov. 18, 9:15-10:30am: Thanksgiving brunch, Fireside room