Name Change

And it is adopted! A cloud of witnesses stood on 2/12/12 in support of adopting a new name: Peace United Church of Christ!

What was our process?
With more than 120 extensive second round worksheets tabulated, the Naming Circle is pleased to announce that Peace United Church of Christ is the choice of a name by and for our community.

The results of this round showed Peace United Church of Christ at the top of the ranked voting and also the top of the names to “embody our values,” “convey the essence of what we cherish”, and is a name “comfortable to share”. Not only did this name rise to the top in every category, it was also the name with which we had the fewest concerns. Peace United Church of Christ is a name that we can gather around and requires no explanation. Peace United Church of Christ is a name that will grow with us and with which we can grow.

In the process of finding Peace United Church of Christ, the community gathered four times (11/20, 12/12, 1/8 and 1/22), submitted more than 80 names, shared more than 150 first round ballots and more than 120 detailed second round worksheets. We are grateful for the incredible sharing of both enthusiasm for the future and respect for our history.

More detail about the selecting process, including some of the other names that were in the running, is available by downloading this pdf.

Why all this work?

In recent years there has been a growing recognition by EUCC’s leaders, members and friends that the word “evangelical” in our name poses obstacles for visitors and potential members not acquainted with the word’s historical significance to our denomination. Even many, who are aware of that significance and feel a deep connection to it, acknowledge that the language of today associates “evangelical” to beliefs and practices that contradict who we are at EUCC.

In the past five years various efforts have been made to consider the pros and cons of a name change. The “OTHER evangelical” phrase now in usage is a result of the most recent consideration on this issue. This summer (2011) the Governing Body revisited this topic and unanimously agreed that a new name should be selected. To that end the GB convened the Naming Circle and charged it with the task of developing a process to choose a name reflecting our faith community and assisting in the GB’s goal “…to reach out to a wider community while supporting the gathered community.”