Peace and the UCC

Peace is our church’s first name — it’s new and we’re excited about it! The story of our choosing “Peace” is here. United Church of Christ is our family name, our denomination. Our denomination is a rich tapestry and we’re very proud of it. Recently our Servant Team prepared a book to help us understand our connections (pdf coming soon).

UCC History

The church has evolved throughout the centuries… from the dawn of Christianity to the spreading of faith across the globe to the modern congregations we know today. For a graph explaining how Peace UCC has emerged from the web of UCC history, download this pdf.

50th Anniversary Celebration
In 1957, two historic bodies joined hands and hearts to form the United Church of Christ. In 2007, Peace UCC (then Evangelical UCC) held a worship service in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Church of Christ. The 8-page program from that service, complete with history and readings telling the story of the UCC, is available to download.