Member Resources

Peace UCC is a community and community’s need tools for connecting with one another. Here are a few of the tools that we find help to share together. More will be added, so let us know what you would find helpful.

  • Get Involved — links for ways to volunteer and get involved.
  • Birthdays — the list is long and ever changing, but nothing says community like a personal note/card on that special day.
  • Directory — our directory is password protected for members’ privacy, please just email the church office for the code. Here you’ll find not only names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, but lots of pictures too!
  • Organizational Info — official and educational pieces about how we structure ourselves
  • Policies & Forms offers everything from reserving the space (Shared Space) to reimbursement forms!
  • Bulletins and Sermon Recordings can also be fun to explore!
  • Climate Crisis/Prophetic Justice Circle