Teams and Circles

Ministry Teams: Leaders and Members (List of Circles follows)
Planning Team Leaders (together with President and Secretary) comprise the Governing Body.
Planning Teams Members are recruited by Team Leaders (members of the Governing Body) and meet (at least) quarterly for planning.

President – Debbie Gregg

Vice President – Judy Connolly

Secretary – Cindi Myers

Facilities – Patty Pelikan
Members: Paul Kachulis, Will Oberkrom, Wynn Miller, Scott Guerrero, Jen Einspahr

Finance – Ben Allen
Members: Ken Ulmer, Bob Hill, Paul Kachulis, Harry Wilson

Worship – Jim McKee
Members – Bob Karr, Sue Ulmer, Kevin Prange, Darcy Swanson

Community – Nancy Wamser
Members: Jill Stratton, Jean Karr, Jane Herz, Susan Morgan

Learning – Open
Members: Laurel Koepf Taylor, Carla Grundy, Debbie Gregg, Melissa Hattman, Sarah Webster, Sue Yarber

Servant – Bob Karr
Members:  Peg Kachulis, Ann McKee, Pat Allen, Jenn German, Sandy Bowe, Ben Gildehaus

People – Jeff Davis
Members:John Panhorst, Lynn Loudermilk, Melissa Hattman

Administration – Jim Smith

Welcoming – Suzan Pierroutsakos

Ministry Circles
Ministry Circles may be initiated by the Person listed, by the related Team Leader, or by a Staff Member. Circles typically have a lead contact and may be an ongoing circles or be a single event circle. Although Circles are in relationship with Teams, they are usually independent. Circles form (and finish) continuously.

Facilities Circles

  • Garden Circles – Ray Mulligan, Sandy Bowe & Nanette Ford
  • Kitchen Circle –

Finance Circles

  • Audit Circle – Scott Guerrero
  • Stewardship – Marilyn Stavenger
  • Money Counters – Danica Johnson
  • Special Gifts – Paul Kachulis

Worship Circles

  • Altar Care and Flowers – Vickie Miller
  • Sanctuary Art – Jerry LaMont
  • Hanging of Greens –
  • Usher Coordinator  – Sandy Bowe
  • Women’s Retreat – open
  • Chancel Choir – Sue Clauss
  • Children’s Choir – Darcy Swanson
  • Youth Music – Darcy Swanson
  • Folk Choir – Darcy Swanson
  • Name Tags – office
  • Welcome Notes (cards sent to visitors) – Sarah Webster
  • Welcome Table – office

Community Circles

  • Circles of Care (meals) – Dee Ban
  • Circle of Healing – Sue Ulmer
  • Coffee Fellowship – Jenny Davis
  • Peace UCC Moms’ Group – Dee Ban
  • Men’s Fellowship Breakfast – Open
  • New Member – Kathy Cormack
  • Prayer Quilts – Gail Saxton
  • Welcome Circle – Open

Learning Circles

  • Adult Learning – Jenn German
  • Learning/Worship- Debbie Gregg
  • Crib Room – Alicia Siddiqui
  • Youth Group- Darcy Swanson
  • Sprouts of Peace- Al Schon
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL)- Elizabeth Schlaeger and Brd Schnell
  • Confirmation- Amy O’Brien

Servant Circles

  • Sandwich Ministry – Dee Ban & Gretchen Loudermilk
  • Valentine/Bake Sale – Gail Saxton
  • Neighborhood Houses – Marge Engelsdorfer
  • Yellow Bag Ministry – Gretchen Loudermilk
  • Peace and Justice – Susan Dorris
  • CROP Walk – Laurel Hayes

People Circles

  • Safe Church – called together as needed
  • Office Volunteers – office
  • In-Care Seminary Students – Mickey Clarke
  • Nominating – in process