We delight in receiving new members in our community several times each year.  Membership typically involves being introduced to the congregation (during worship), sharing new member questions (see below), and signing the membership book.

Although the benefits we share in community are often commensurate with our investment, we are totally serious that everyone is welcome; there is no litmus test and no membership requirements.

While filling out a new member form isn’t required, it’s an incredibly helpful way to know that the church office has your correct contact and family information:
New Member Form – Single, Family

Membership Questions

  • Respecting divine mystery beyond our human knowing, revealed but not contained in the stories of our faith, will you strive to walk humbly with God?
  • Celebrating the fullness of Jesus’ witness flowing from the baptismal waters at the river Jordan and the stories of bread broken and shared, do you confess the God made known in the one we call Christ?
  • Believing Jesus about God and trusting his example, will you accept the cost and joy of following him; welcoming the unwelcome-able, speaking the unspeakable, touching the untouchable, and suffering the insufferable?
  • Honoring the Spirit revealed in the paradoxical, will you live the questions of our faith, open to the continuing revelation of our still speaking God?
  • Discerning strength in vulnerability, do you acknowledge your interdependence and mutual accountability with all of creation?
  • Claiming God’s grace abundant in our common life, will you covenant together to cherish inquiry, embrace diversity, and honor vulnerability?