Our 75th Anniversary

As we look forward to our 100th Anniversary in 2020, we are grateful for the offerings of our church’s 75th Anniversary in 1995. In addition to parties and songs and mementos, two important history books were shared:  Our 75th Anniversary and The Gospel in Glass (the Story of our Stained Glass Windows).

1995: Our 75th Anniversary
The United Church of Christ, in the spirit of promoting church unity, merged as a denomination in 1957. Its lineage can be traced back to the reformers of Germany, France and Switzerland and also to the Protestant Reformation in England that led to the early settlement of this country.

These varied influences provide a rich, continuing ecumenical heritage for this denomination of which our congregation is a part. To read the story of our congregation from 1920 to 1995, written by the Rev. Dr. Warren Mehl in celebration of our 75th anniversary, download the 13-page booklet.


The first meeting was held on March 7, 1920 at the Suburban School of Music (now the Theater Guild of Webster Groves), located near Summit Avenue along the trolley tracks that once ran through Webster Groves. The first service of worship was on April 23, 1920…

The Gospel in Glass
In honor of our 75th Anniversary, the Rev. Dr. Eugene Wehrli wrote a wonderful description of our stained glass windows. Download the pdf.