About Us

About Us

We might not be the biggest church, but we are mighty in our focus. We believe God is still speaking, that Jesus set the example, and there’s a lot of work to do. You can read some cool things about Peace below, but first, let us explain our vision and mission:

OUR VISION: To create a radically inclusive, just, compassionate and sustainable community mobilized toward comprehensive well-being. 

OUR MISSION: Peace United Church of Christ, an open and affirming congregation, lives out the radical teachings of Jesus and works in solidarity with all to achieve well-being, justice and equity for God’s creation.

We want you to know that …

  • We publicly say no to hate by advocating for social justice and the dismantling of structures that oppress whole groups of our neighbors. Each Friday and Saturday you’ll find churchgoers and allies bending knee on our lawn to show the community Black Lives Matter. We ally with other organizations to strengthen the power of marginalized groups to create positive change. Throughout the post-Christmas season of Ephiphany, you’ll see a Rainbow Fish atop a tree at the front of our sanctuary. We hang ornaments in solidarity with those who have been forced to the margins of society – a tradition spurred by the murder of Matthew Shepard. Learn more about our social justice work here.
  • We were among the first United Church of Christ congregations to adopt an Open and Affirming “covenant” to welcome LGBTQIA seekers, support their relationships, and advocate for their basic rights. All of our sacraments and rights are available to LGBTQIA people, including baptism, confirmation, communion, and marriage. We take seriously the Bible’s admonition to “accept one another, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Romans 15:7, NIV)
  • Each summer we sponsor and host a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. The CDF Freedom Schools® program provides summer enrichment through a research-based and multicultural program model that supports K-12 scholars and their families through five essential components: high quality academic and character-building enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational servant leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health.

And we’re there for each other. We make prayer quilts for friends in need. We gather for pot lucks and have game nights.