Our Plan for Affordable Senior Housing

Our Plan for Affordable Senior Housing

Our congregation dreams of a world where there is comprehensive well-being for all – in a word, shalom. In recent years we have focused on creating a more hopeful future for all children in our community, and we explain those efforts here.

To fuel this work, we made the decision to sell our property at Lockwood and Plant. And, indeed, we already have moved our church and worship onto the campus of Eden Theological Seminary.

Initially, we thought we would sell the property to a developer and simply hand over the deed. But then we learned of a way we can have a say in how the property is put to use. To support shalom for another vulnerable segment of our community – our seniors who often are driven out of Webster Groves because of increasing property taxes and other financial pressures.

The property at 204 E. Lockwood can make a big difference in the lives of seniors. And we can do this in a way that aesthetically enhances the neighborhood.

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Project Details and Description

Architect Design The architectural renderings are subject to change if needed. The plan is to save the existing sanctuary as a meeting space.


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