Sunday Worship

Our Sunday morning Worship Service is the focal point of our week together. We enjoy worship with multicultural sounds and readings, and edgy ideas each Sunday morning at 8:30am and 11:00am. Our 8:30 worship is usually contemplative and quiet while our 11:00 service is livelier.

We celebrate communion weekly at the 8:30 service and monthly at the 11:00 service. Our table is open, and when we say open, we mean open. All are welcome! For more details on what exactly we believe about Communion visit our Communion page.

Our music involves everything from traditional Christian hymns to Native American songs to reimagined and contemporary songs. We use pianos, organs, instrumental ensembles, choirs, and many other musical instruments or groups.

Much of our liturgy (aka the words we say in worship) is pulled from various religious and cultural traditions. While some of the things we say in worship might be very familiar, some others may involve different language while pointing to similar underlying ideas that we know. We write some of our own liturgy and we use some liturgy from other sources.

We traditionally celebrate infant baptism as a symbol of that infant’s welcoming into the church as well as recognizing our commitment as the church to raise him/her and care for him/her.

These are the playbooks for our group gatherings. They also have announcements for the coming weeks. Take a look!

For a showcase of what you might find at Peace UCC on a typical Sunday morning, visit our Sundays at Peace page. You can sample recent bulletins and sermons online.

Also available: Church: The Missing Manual – a downloadable guide to the language and customs of church life.