Sharing Our Sacred Stories during Learning Hour- All Summer at Peace

Sharing Our Sacred Stories During Learning Hour – All Summer at Peace 
During the bylaws discussion session there was a lot of conversation about “hearing each other’s spiritual stories”.
We all have a Sacred Story about how we got to the spiritual place we are right now.  It has a beginning, middle and current spiritual place. It’s likely there are some similarities and lots of ways those stories are different.  Let’s share those Sacred Stories about our spiritual lives.
This isn’t a talent show.  We really want to know each other’s beginning, middle and current place – what’s happening where the spirit meets the bone.
– From June-Aug, each Sunday in the Sanctuary two people/families will share for one half hour each.
– The Sacred Story Teller gets to pick the format for their half hour.  Some examples:  someone might want to sing songs that help tell their Sacred Story.  Others might write it, create a slide show, find/write/read poetry.  Some will want to work hours on it, others will want to speak off-the-cuff.  The Sacred Story Teller gets to decide if they want questions asked of them in their half hour.  They get to decide if their Sacred Story is five minutes followed by twenty-five minutes of silence.  There is not a right or wrong way.  Hopefully the format helps the Sacred Story Teller better express themselves.  Maybe a family wants to do it together.  Maybe it’s just one person from a family.  The Sacred Story Teller(s) get to figure that out.